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Arius announces the PC104C31, a new PC/104 based DSP board featuring the TMS320C31. Utilizing two AIO format daughter boards, the PC104C31 supports analog and digital I/O. The PC104C31 can be a slave board on the PC/104 bus or, by booting from the on board 2 MB flash memory, the PC104C31 can run standalone. The firmware is updated from the host processor or via the communication ports. The PC/104 interface emulates a very high speed 16C550 UART to allow the use of existing serial port drivers under any operating system which runs on a standard PC. Or the PC104C31 can become a bus master to replace your existing CPU and control devices on the PC/104 bus.

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The PC104C31 has many applications in signal processing and embedded control. It allows the use of a small PC/104 system in place of a full sized rack mount PC. Operating alone or combined with a high performance PC/104 CPU the result is a data processing system of unmatched size and performance.


The high density construction of the PC104C31 supports many I/O and processing features. Surface mounted components and dual sided mounting provides an unusually high density of capabilities.

PC104C31 Block Diagram

Download the PC104C31 Specsheet in PDF format

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Soon to be Announced Products

PC104 DSP Boards

AIO Daughter Modules

AIO modules are small (1.4" x 2.0") modules which are used on our PC104 DSP boards to provide multiple types of IO expansion. While still meeting the mechanical outline requirements for a single PC/104 board, the AIO modules may be used with our PC104 DSP boards in many combinations to provide you with the exact IO capabilities you need for your application.


Soon to be Announced

Let us know what types of IO you would like to see. We also provide custom design services for AIO modules.

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