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Arius announces the AIOaudio, a new IO expansion module used on our PC104 DSP boards for analog input and output of audio signals up to 40 KHz. This board provides up to eight channels of unmultiplexed input and output. FPGAs on the PC104 DSP board are utilized to transfer data via DMA to the on board SRAM or SDRAM. A lower cost version provides four channels of input and output.

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The AIOaudio has many applications in signal aquisition and analysis. These modules mount on any of our PC104 DSP boards and maintain the PC/104 form factor.


The high density construction of the AIOaudio supports many I/O features. Surface mounted components and dual sided mounting provides an unusually high density of capabilities.

Download the AIOaudio datasheet in PDF format

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Soon to be Announced Products

PC104 DSP Boards

AIO Daughter Modules

The use of AIO Modules provide flexibility in I/O options with all of our PC104 DSP boards. Existing modules can be used or custom modules can be developed.

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